Heroic Path Progressions

Updated to 2nd Edition

Beast Feyblooded Naturefriend Speaker
Chanceborn Giantblooded Northblooded Spellsoul
Charismatic Guardian Painless Shadow Walker
Dragonblooded Healer Pureblood Steelblooded
Earthbonded Ironborn Quickened Sunderborn
Faithful Jack-of-All-Trades Seaborn Tactician
Fellhunter Mountainborn Seer Warg

All PCs must choose a heroic path at 1st level. This choice is permanent. There are no prerequisites for any heroic path (except Giantblooded and Pureblood); granted abilities are gained at the listed character level, regardless of which class a character selects.

Unless otherwise noted, all heroic path abilities are extraordinary abilities. Spells granted by a heroic path are spell-like abilities and function at a caster level equal to the character's current level. Ability score increases are inherent bonuses. Other abilities are explained in the individual entries for each heroic path.